Monday, August 13, 2007

living with the heat index

I spent most of this summer whining about how every day, quite literally, of the Utah summer had temperatures over 100 degrees. And in an apartment without air conditioning, that's hot, people. Now I find myself in Kansas, also known as, Land With Yucky Weather, and am not so much enjoying the Excessive Heat Warning. That's right. I'm living in an Excessive Heat Warning. Temperatures will not only reach 100 degrees, but with the heat index (or, for my Canadian friends, the humidex) they will hit 110-115. I might die. I might get into my car after work and keel over from the oppressive, wet heat.

In related Kansas news, I spent an hour and a half out at the lake with my family on Saturday. In the morning I applied spf 30 sunscreen. When we got to the lake I applied spf 45 sunscreen. Then, just for good measure, I added a little spf 50 sunscreen to my shoulders. Yeah, baby! I left the lake with the worst sunburn of my life. I can barely more. My arms will not raise up to the height of my shoulders. I'm blistering. I can't believe that I spent 12 years in Utah (Land Close to the Sun) and didn't get burned...much...and in just a short time in one day here in Land With Yucky Weather I fry.

Apparently, if the humidex doesn't kill me, the skin cancer will. Honestly, I'm afraid. Very afraid. As soon as my health insurance kicks in I'm going in to get checked.


BYU Fish said...

Can't believe you've blistered!! But then, how many times did you go to Utah Lake for the day? Ya...didn't think so. As for the humidex...thank you for explaining that, and I feel your pain. I was lucky in that I knew it was only 13 days. You, on the other, so sorry. I'll eat a cup of ice for you Wednesday.

chloe elizabeth said...

Come baaaaack!!!!

sarah said...

That is terrible. All of it--the heat index, the humidex, the burn, the Kansas. I'm assuming you won't want us to visit in the Summer then...noted.