Thursday, May 11, 2006

yellowstone--april 28, 2006

I spent a weekend in Rexburg last month for my brother's graduation from BYU-Idaho, and because we arrived a day early and he still had three finals to take, we decided to spend the day in Yellowstone.

We left Rexburg at 5 a.m. so that we could beat the crowds at the park. What we actually accomplished by arriving super early (because I think we all know that there were no crowds in the still snow-covered park in late April) was that we saw a lot more of the animal life than we would have seen later in the day. It was beautiful, chilly, quiet, and when we were able to walk away from the cars for any length of time, a wonderful day in nature.

Here is a picture of Matt fake-running from the giant herds of buffalo. Oh, wait, I mean, he's running for real and the mammoth animals were hot on his trail.

These three pictures were taken near a waterfall in the north section of the park. I love them for two reasons. 1. Heidi looks like she is going to the 1st Annual Scrapbooking Winter Awards Gala, and I look like I just got back from the ball game, and 2. I love Heidi's face in the last picture.

Another waterfall.

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