Wednesday, May 31, 2006

available over-the-counter

My home teachers came tonight. First, I just want to say that home teachers who put on white shirts and ties on a midweek afternoon to make a home teaching appointment are going to get extra blessings in heaven. And while there are many complementary things I could say about the great lesson on having a gospel-sharing home, what I mostly want to comment on is the volume of Home Teacher #2. HT2 was teaching the lesson, and he spoke MOSTLY LIKE THIS. LIKE WE WERE ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE PLAYGROUND AND HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT I KNEW THAT THE SWINGS WERE FINALLY EMPTY AND WE SHOULD RUN OVER AND SWING FOR A WHILE. Every once in a while his voice would drop a little at the beginning of a sentence, and THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WOULD SHOOT BACK UP FOR A WHILE, BEFOre GRADUally tapering off, only to GET LOUDER ONCE ANOTHER SENTENCE BEGAN. Good times. Seriously, I wanted cover my ears occasionally. It reminded me of the one FHE dad I had who also spoke only in the playground voice. He attributed the volume to medication he was taking. Medication? That makes you speak loudly? Huh. I wonder if HT2 was on the same drug.

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