Friday, February 27, 2009

a chair in the sky

I needed a little laughter this morning, and this was the perfect solution.


byufish said...

Wow....all I see is blank this a sign? Is it like the Emperor's New Clothes?

Shippe said...

Haha that was so great!

Karla said...

I had to laugh at what BYUfish said. All I saw was blank space until I released the block on our computer. But I can relate because I used to have that problem all the time when I viewed Blogs until I accidently figured out how to get around that. And can you blieve that I had to teach the trick to Jed? :) Me! I taught him how to get around that. Amazing.
Anyhow, about the clip. It is very sad that we are so used to having it all and get upset when we don't.