Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i am...tagged

Emily did this a long time ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting my answers. I suppose I should ackowledge that she didn't even tag me, but when someone tags my family I consider myself tagged as well.

i am: pregnant. I’m a lot of other things (tired, grouchy, cold, a woman, a wife, a daughter, a tax-payer) but it seems that the pregnancy thing keeps taking center stage these days.
i think: it is okay to listen to Christmas music any time of year.
i know: I am loved.
i want: the rules to be fair.
i dislike: feeling like I don’t belong.
i miss: campfires in the canyon.
i fear: that I’m taking the comfort of my life for granted.
i feel: slightly guilty that I am not more productive at work.
i hear: the music playing on my iPod.
i smell: lemons and oranges and it makes me happy.
i crave: sour candy and French fries.
i cry: at night, when no one is watching.
i usually: drive above the posted speed limit.
i search: the internet for everything—recipes, cars, clothes, sales, advice, tutorials, movies, etc.
i wonder: what I would look like if I really did color my hair brown.
i regret: dismissing the feelings of others and not paying better attention.
i love: my family more than they could possibly know.
i care: about how I present myself to the world.
i always: trim my fingernails so they are all even—even if one breaks really short.
i worry: that the sunburns of my youth have damaged my skin.
i am not: very good at small talk and am surprisingly shy when I meet new people.
i remember: a time when what I currently have was all I ever wanted.
i believe: that people are generally good.
i dance: with Somebody and in the car.
i sing: folk songs with Heidi.
i don't always: get what I want. But I find, surprisingly, that I often get what I need.
i argue: when I’m right and when I’m tired.
i write: when I have something to say.
i win: parallel parking contests.
i lose: my patience pretty quickly.
i wish: on stars.
i listen: to advice, but sometimes I have to listen a few times before I’ll actually follow it.
i don't understand: why I don’t do more of the things I know I should.
i can usually be found: near a computer or in the kitchen.
i am afraid: that I’m just not strong enough.
i need: to take piano lessons if I’m going to get any better.
i forget: to wash the dishes. And by “forget” I mean “leave them in the sink and hope that Somebody will do them for me.”
i am happy: with the life that has been given me.

Are you looking for something to write about while you visit family, open presents, and drink cocoa? I thought so. I'm tagging Megan, Housewife, and Allison.

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Emily said...

I love that one. And once again, congratulations!!!