Thursday, September 04, 2008

i puzzle myself

Last night Somebody commented that I haven't posted in a while. (He said this, or course, right as I was finally getting around to posting about all our vegetables. A story that should have been told a month ago.) Sometimes, though, I just don't have the time, energy, or interest to sit down and write stories, even when I have something that I want to say. It's during those times that I make lists of things that I will post about...later...when I get around to posting. I went to check this list so that I can start the updates and one of the first items was this:

Raccoon /chimney /prophet

Uh. Okay. Apparently I had a story about a raccoon, a chimney, and a prophet. I have NO idea what this could be referring to. If these were the notes in your "blog about this" book, what story would you be telling?


Sherry said...

It would probably be a parable about a raccoon stuck in a chimney. That parable, of course, would be told by our dear story-telling prophet.

I really could imagine President Monson telling a story about a raccooooooon living in a chiiiiiiiimney. I'm pretty sure that in the end "lessons were learned." :)

nymanzanita said... stumped me on this one. I have no idea.....

Chandler Family said...

Lets see...I saw a dead raccoon on the road, make that multiple raccoons dead on the side of the road.
Next I really wish I had a chimney, because that would mean I would have a fire place and could roast smores!
Lastly "Follow the Prophet" is one of the songs I hope to never lead as a Primary chorister again...(I just got called again to that position)
Way random...I would like Sherry's post much better.

KC Knicks said...

All I know is that you crack me up! I would love to know how those three things are connected. Let me know if you have a flashback.

byufish said...

Why is it that friends always feel like they have to tell you to blog? I've been in the same boat...Jenn Johnson pushed me to blog. But quite frankly, there aren't always fun and exciting things to blog about in my life....and then that just means that EVERYBODY will find out that I don't have a fun and exciting life!! Such a dilemma...still thinking about the story behind the raccoon the chimney and the prophet.

Jenn -- said...

Hi Jen! Don't listen to Fish, she knew it was coming.

It's good to hear from you. Stay in touch.