Wednesday, September 24, 2008

how we conquered august

So, don't think that just because I haven't been posting that nothing interesting has been going on around here. Plenty has been going on. And yet, amidst all the happenings, my interest in coming home from eight hours at the computer just to sit in front of another computer has pretty much vanished. And, oh, how the blog has suffered.

Let's begin. First, we had a wonderful second anniversary, complete with a fancy new business suit for Somebody and an iPod for me (somehow I got the much better end of that deal.) Somebody proceeded to wear that suit to a job interview and shortly after that he was offered a job! Hurray for wonderful anniversary gifts! While we were both thrilled with the new job, because it is in Topeka we soon realized that our carpooling days were over. Sad. And yet! That bit of news led us to this:

Hurrah! What? Oh, why yes! That IS my dream car parked in the driveway. They brought it all the way from Tennessee because that was the closest model that met my very detailed and specific wants. Shopping for this car was slightly frustrating, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Sample conversation:
Dealer: So, what are you looking for?
Me: RAV4. Limited. Pacific blue. 2007. Tan interior.
Dealer: Well, what can I do to get you to buy a car here today? Me: Have the one I want.
Dealer: Well, we can make some big compromises, but you have to make some small compromises. How about a silver 2008?
Me: Nope. I know what I want, and I don't have to make compromises because I know what I want is out there.
Dealer: You are going to have to make some compromises.
Me: No. I'm not.
Dealer: Look, what do I have to do to get you to buy a car here?
Me: Have the car I want. And you don't. I know what I want. I'm not going to compromise.

We ended up having to make a quick run for it when they had their backs turned. Good times. In the end, not one dealership in the Kansas City area had what we were looking for, so we turned to our trusty friend Internet and located my dream car in no time. Somebody did some swift negotiating and the next weekend the car came up from Tennessee. I am still in some rather frustrating exchanges trying to get the vehicle titled and licensed, but I'm optimistic that it will all work out.

I could not be more thrilled with the car. I could not be more thrilled about Somebody's job. I could not be more thrilled with August.


Adrienne said...

Have I missed you driving that sweet car? How did I miss this? Am I just queen of the non-observant? And I am COMPLETELY the same in purchases, big and small. Why should I buy something I have to live with, and not LOVE, just to feed YOUR kids? No really, WHY?? (If I sound callous, we seriously had this car sales lady try to tell us that we were responsible if she couldn't pay her bills that month, etc. etc. We gave her the ol' heave-ho).
So CONGRATULATIONS on your new, Pac-blue family member!:)

Ginet said...

Hooray for new cars...and for getting exactly what you want!!

Emily said...

way to go!!!! I can't stand car sales men! Have fun with your beautiful Pacific blue baby!

Eddie and Amber said...

YAY to new jobs and new cars...

Karla said...

I am so happy for you that Sungti is so willing to let you get what you want. You had better give him an extra big hug and count your lucky stars! Your vehicle looks great!

Mari said...

Sweet ride and congrats on employment! The internet is SUCH a beautiful thing....

Bart said...

Oooh. Very, very nice!!! I think I'll call YOUR new car Dreamy. Because it is.

Congratulations to both you and Somebody!!!

sarah said...

Love the new car!!! And love your dealership story! Does that mean Cowboy bit the dust? Sad.

And I can wait until you are here in a month! So excited!!! :)

nymanzanita said...

Hey... I was happy to see your comment on my post a few minutes ago! I was on your blog last night and thought to myself, "I wonder how they are doing and how their new SUV is." Thanks for stopping by my blog....ya my little nephew is a neat kid....he really loves his unicycles.

Lesley said...

Cool ride, man! I feel bad for the dealership. They just had no idea with whom they were dealing. I think Somebody deserves a big kiss and a name.