Friday, February 22, 2008

the song remembers when

I’m sitting at my desk, the cold snow blowing outside, the warm space heater keeping my feet toasty. I have my headphones in because, well, without music to sooth my soul I sometimes lack the strength to make it through my work day. I usually only listen to instrumental music so that I am not distracted by lyrics, and, thanks to good friends, I have a several cd’s copied onto my office computer. I can usually make it through the day without really noticing the music other than that it helps me tone down my angry feelings (work is not a happy place, can you tell?) One song, though, always manages to completely lift me out of my concentration.

Somebody and I spent the first part of our honeymoon in Park City, an often hoity toity mountain resort, at the best bed and breakfast ever. Our big splurge, though, was not on the hotel. It was on the food. We both appreciate fine food and enjoy finding excuses to blow our hard-earned money on exquisitely prepared cuisine. My favorite dining experience of that week was at a little restaurant called Bistro 412 on Main St. in Park City.

We were sitting outside, enjoying the most divine coconut curry mussels in the world, and my attention turned to the music playing. It was an instrumental recording of Edelweiss, one of my favorite tunes. I distinctly remember sitting there, my napkin stained with the bright yellow of the curry, the sweet tang of the sauce in the mouth, listening to this beautiful song and looking over at Somebody and realizing that I had never been happier in my life. How lucky was I that the music, the food, and the location, while all wonderful in their own right, were eclipsed by the person sitting across from me?

Even now, whenever I hear that song I am instantly taken back to that moment.
Everyone has songs that will transport them to another place and time and bring up memories, both good and bad, from the past. What is your remembering song?


jaction said...


How are you? It's sounds like your work is sub-par. . . I don't even know where you're working! I don't know if you got the email I sent you a few weeks ago, but I'd love to hear from you.


Jennifer Lee said...

No, I did not get your email! I can't access the BYU email anymore. Can you email me at my hotmail or gmail address?

nymanzanita said...

Loved the post!! A great tribute to a wonderful relationship that you share with the person you love...nice! This is odd...but the FIRST thing that came to my mind when thinking of a "remembering song" was....Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy. Remember that OLD 80's song? This song ALWAYS takes me back to a trip that we took when I was little (8 or 9 years old) to take my oldest brother to the MTC. I cant hear the song without thinking about the trip. The odd thing is that the only thing I really remember about the trip is listening to the song in the car as we drove through Utah. Hmmmm.

Ginet said...
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Ginet said...

Hmmm...reading about your moment with "Somebody" reminds me of listening to the song Somebody by Depeche Mode over and over again freshman year in the dorms. I cannot hear that song without thinking of my roommates and I longing to share, share the rest of our lives, share our innermost thoughts with someone who will know our intimate details, someone who will stand by our side and give us support...come on, sing with me now...

Sorry about the previous post.

emily kate said...

I feel like we should be friends because you're friends with Chloe and Sarah. They talk about you all the time so it seems like I already know you.

But I wanted to say this is a really cute post and we honeymooned in Park City too. Our hotel was NOT a splurge(though it was nice) but we, too, ate at yummy restaurants, including Bistro 412. Good times. :)

byufish said...

it's not true....I'm fine. I laughed out loud when I wrote it last night. That's what a late night at the office will do to you. But don't you think it's funny?! LOVE your blogs. Have you thought of changing your career to become a syndicated columnist? You have the gift. MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY! C.

chloe elizabeth said...

A few to jog your memory (and that always transport me back to our freshman year).

Head Over Feet and Tenderness On the Block (I'm not sure why it's that particular song, but it is). I'm sorry that I am such a "repeat" whore, but I am.

I have several others, one would be Sheryl Crow's Strong Enough.