Thursday, December 13, 2007

you decide

Several years ago, when the emailing of Christmas cards first came into vogue, I was a fervent mocker. Did you just send me your greetings via email? I do not accept them. Your holiday wishes are invalid. Deleted! Harsh, no? And then I got married; that joyous event that changes everything. Now we have a dilemma. The card is ready to go. Shall it be printed and mailed (expensive! personal! traditional!) or shall it be pdf-ed and emailed (free!)? We are at an impasse. What think ye, Internet? Is the email card the wave of the future, like hovercrafts and dinners in a box? Or is it a cheap and tacky alteration to a time-honored tradition, like printing your wedding registry information on your wedding announcements (which, by the way, is just like asking me to not get you a gift)? Thrifty or tacky? Techno or traditional?

I have to say, by the way, that we sent our Christmas letter out via email last year, and I have felt guilty about that every since. Did you feel like I liked you a little less? Like my love was fading? Or did you think nothing of it and just stare in awe at our fabulous wedding pictures?


Janssen said...

Jennifer, I stared in awe at your wedding pictures :)

I didn't think it was tacky at all - I thought it was lovely. And I didn't print my registry sites on my announcements.

Jennifer Lee said...

I know. That is why we are friends. Friends don't let friends print "The bride and groom are registered at Walmart" on their announcements.

chloe elizabeth said...

Oh, so true. I am torn on the mail vs. email. A few years ago I, too, was a mocker of Internet greetings. It is nice to get things in the mail, however, I think we all understand the cost (and time) savings of the Internet. I do, though, love actually having pictures of people I love to hang on my board. Sorry, I'm not help at all!

And I have no plans of registries being part of my wedding announcements. I always knew I liked Janssen. Now I have one more reason.

Stephanie said...

You have to do what you have to do. If not emailing means you can't afford to send out your letter to everyone on your list, then by all means email it. I think people would rather hear from you than not. If someone wants your card to hang on their wall, they can print it. If they are the type that just read them and then throw them away, you saved a tree branch in the process. That is my 2 cents.

byufish said...

You know the people on your list. Send the card to those who are carders and e-mails to those who are e-mailers. For the record, I'm an e-mailer because it costs less. Thank my frugal upbringing!