Monday, December 03, 2007

recreating a memory

The last month that Somebody and I spent in Utah was a busy one. Besides a hectic work schedule, we were trying to fit in packing, cleaning, and finding quality time to say good-byes to our friends. One evening, after completing a list of chores and errands, we decided to go to the movies. I know. Like we had all this free time. But we like the movies, and we needed to relax. We bought tickets, for, I don't know, Evan Almighty?, and then snuck in to the sold out Transformers movie. And then we held hands and giggled for two and a half hours.

We rented the movie and are watching it together tonight, holding hands and giggling. Time together. This is what a family home evening is all about.

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Janssen said...

Have I mentioned that I think and Somebody are the most awesome couple ever?

(The most awesome couple ever should definitely come down and visit).