Thursday, July 12, 2007


Reasons why I am excited to move:

  • I'll be closer to some of my family
  • Promises of evenings and Saturdays on the boat
  • Change
  • The chance of owning our own home
  • The humidity should help my cuticles be more healthy

Reasons why I am dreading the move:

  • Packing the house
  • Driving in a moving truck
  • The humidity will cause me to break-out like an eighth grader
  • I have to learn to love ponytails
  • Applying for jobs--hello, Kansas! I'm highly educated! With years of professional experience! You ought to give me a try. Or at least a fighting chance.
  • Leaving behind friends and family


chloe elizabeth said...

Really? The bottom of the list? Those were not in any particular order, right?

Sarah said...

don't go.