Monday, July 16, 2007


I have been fretting over getting a job in Kansas (you know, because someone has to support this family while Someone is getting highly educated) and have submitted dozens of resumes. Okay, maybe I've only submitted, like, seven. But even two seems like a lot. And I keep being annoyed at not ever seeing a job posting that was for a conference/event planner, because I love what I do and think I am very good at it. So, of course, in the drought of event planning positions, I've been applying for things that aren't necessarily in my field, but that seem kind of interesting and pay enough. So far I have had one "no" response and one "let's interview" response.

The interview was this afternoon. The HR guy called me last Friday and asked if I could come in for an interview. I said that if a phone interview would suffice that I would be happy to visit more with him Monday. As in today.

He and the CEO called this afternoon, and after about 10 minutes of talking about what she needed, she said, "I think you are just going to be an answer to my prayers."

Really? But what if I'm waiting for an answer to MY prayers? And can this really be an answer for both of us at the same time? And can I really commit to two years when what I really want is to only work for, oh, about nine months? How can I turn down such a good offer, which was actually higher than their listed highest amount? And do people really extend job offers over the phone after a half-hour phone interview? I mean, I know I'm good, but I'm not really that good.

And if it is an answer to prayer (and, truly, this has been a matter of prayer for months for me) then how blessed am I that a job in a great location, with great pay and fantastic benefits, working with seemingly delightful people, presented itself after one interview? The answer? Blessed. I am truly blessed.


Janssen said...

Except that you really are that awesome :)

Sarah said...

that is so great!!! and at the same time make me sad that you're leaving. i refuse to accept reality.

chloe elizabeth said...

I'm with Sarah...denial is a great place. And with Janssen, you really are that good!