Friday, June 08, 2007

shut the front door!

My favorite summer show, So You Think You Can Dance, is getting underway. Last night they announced their Top 20—the kids who will compete for the title of America’s Best Dancer. Sounds impressive, doesn’t in? You know you kind of want to watch.

But I digress. The real reason for the entry was to publicly announce my dislike for Lacey Schwimmer. Man, oh, man, I wish I could find a photo of Lacey’s outfit from last night. She should have been sent home just for the pain she brought to American by wearing a t-shirt screen-printed with suspenders, and a zombie-inspired, ragged tulle tutu. And don’t even get me started on her makeup! As much as I loved Benji last season, I out loud hoped she wouldn’t make the top 20.


Ryan said...

As long as I've known you, have we ever had the discussion that SYTYCD is our favorite show also (well, that or Project Runway)? A lot better than Idol, and both genders can enjoy. After all, who wouldn't wanna watch crazy dancing for an hour? But did you think that the show counting down to 20 was perhaps the lamest hour in TV history?

Jennifer Lee said...

Ryan, you are SO right. That hour was a complete waste of time.