Wednesday, February 14, 2007

leaving on a jet plane

My bags aren't exactly packed, and I'm not altogether ready to go, but I am definitely leaving on a jet plane right about this time tomorrow. I can hardly wait. This past week with Somebody in Taiwan has been rough because I only get to talk to him for small moments in the morning and the evening. We bought a long distance card plan thing so that I could call him, but that has proved to be a waste because "all the circuits are busy" is the message I always get, even when I try over and over again for an hour like I did on Sunday.

The first few days after he left were difficult because I was worried about him traveling, and after he arrived safely home (33 hours after he left) I calmed down a little and stopped crying all the time. Then I went through a period of days where I fell into a routine and wasn't painfully emotional at every mention of him. And then last Sunday night happened, and for some reason I reverted back to painfully emotional. I used to be nervous about going to Taiwan, but now I'm just so eager to be with him that I don't even think about all the things that make me apprehensive.

Tonight, instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, I’ll be packing and cleaning and counting down the hours until I’m lucky enough to get on a plane and travel for 24 hours. Happy Day-of-Love to me.

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