Monday, June 19, 2006

the other white meat

Tales from Montana, Part 2

The Family Reunion Rodeo: Man, I love me some small children being encouraged to ride on animals that we never meant to be ridden. While this may look like all fun and games, the homemade rodeo, surprisingly, has it's disadvantages. For example, you may think that you've safely placed your chair far, far away from the angry pig, and that he will just stay in his designated "buck the kid off" area, but you would be wrong. That pig will run directly toward you, and then, because it's bigger than you, it will run right over the top of you. And you will end up with poop in your hair and a broken chair. But you will laugh and laugh because, you know, it's the family reunion rodeo. This is my new favorite sport.

Take that, pig.

Seriously, this was a pig from the farm that they killed and then we ate for lunch. Yum-o. I'm totally doing this at my wedding reception. Not so much the killing and touching the pig part, but the having someone else do that and then me eating the pig part. Sign me up for some of that.

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