Monday, June 19, 2006

here kitty, kitty

Tales from Montana, Part 3

The most tame cat in the world lives in Fairfield, Montana. My niece, Annabelle, spent most of the weekend carrying around the farm cat. Even when she was holding the cat by just his back leg, the cat would still just hold still and purr. Annabelle would set the cat down on it's head, on a chair, and the cat would just sit there and purr. It was like it was so starved for love and attention that it was willing to take any abuse just to get some attention. I have some friends like that. Ladies! If he keeps feeding you sour milk and rubs you the wrong way, you should hiss a little bit, scratch him (preferably on the face) and run away! And when he comes after you, you should swat your paw in the air in that threatening "don't come any closer, because these are the claws of death" way that so becomes you.

In the meantime, though, isn't this girl cute?

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