Tuesday, August 12, 2008

from that moment

730 days. 30,080 miles. 6,397 "cheery" tomatoes. 3,251 photos. 63 trips to Costco. 14 dinner parties. 9 jobs. 6 bites of sea urchen. 4 kittens. 2 people. 1 love.
Happy Anniversary, Love. I'd still choose you over meatloaf.


Stephanie said...

Cute! Congratulations!

nymanzanita said...

Congrats to you both! Your post is super cute and I love the picture. Happy Anniversary!

Janssen said...

Hooray! Happy Anniversary!

Also, I'm so so sad I couldn't come to your wedding. And then, when we came and visited you for Christmas, well, then I was WAY WAY sad because I saw all the pictures and wanted even more to be there.

housewife said...

So cute! You'll have to post about what you guys do for your anniversary. I hope you get to do something fun!

Doug and Sharon said...

Jen Slaugh, I found you. I promise I am not a stalker...I was just curious what happen to people I knew in college.I am glad I found you because I was a little worried that the only people I knew from college that had a blog was Kristy and Brooke/Devon. You look great!!! What have you been up to?



Sharon Nelson Faragher

Bre said...

Congratulations you two!

Miss L said...

Better late than never:

Happy Anniversary!!!!! Yay!

We sure love you two!

:) The Zoo

Bart said...

That's the sweetest thing I've ever read. The meatloaf part, that is. At least as long as the sauce is a mixture of brown sugar, dry mustard, and ketchup.

sarah said...

2 years?!?!? Craziness. Happy Anniversary!!

Love you both. And miss you like crazy.