Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the mama, the mama! tradition!

I've been reading on various blogs today about calling out the lurkers, and I feel a little guilty because if lurking means "check every day and read every post but really don't know quite who you are because I found your website from following a link on a friend's blog, and I never comment because I don't have anything to say other than 'I find you fascinating and are you sure you're not creeped out by strangers reading about you?'" then, yes, I lurk. Multiple times a day. It's an addiction, really.

So, I've been writing this blog, sometimes more regularly than other times, for about a year and a half. And if statcounter can be trusted, which I thought it could, I get approximately zero readers each day. None. Nada. Zilch. No one is lurking around. Is it because I'm inconsistent? Oh. It's that that I don't have an original layout or design? You hate that I use a plain template? What can I say? I like vanilla.

Is statcounter wrong? Please, tell me he is wrong. Because if he is correct, the life of this blog is going to be pretty short.

A question to spur a comment:
What is one tradition that you loved as a child that you will absolutely pass on with your own children? (Even though we mostly associate traditions with Christmas, it does not have to be Christmas related. Maybe it's something you always did for birthdays, or other holidays, or the start of school, or other special days.)


chloe elizabeth said...

First of all, sitemeter is where it's at.

Second, I read your blog every time you post (the beauty of google reader) which, incidentally, is not every day.

Third, I will be making gingerbread houses with my children. And orange rolls for Thanksgiving, and Trick-or-Treating with pillow cases (not fancy pumpkin buckets) and we will open one gift on Christmas Eve and all of the gifts will be wrapped (even the Santa gifts) and we will bang pots and pans on the porch on New Year's. And, and, and...I'm a little obsessed with case you couldn't tell.

Sherry said...

I'm not all that fanatical about traditions. But I read your blog. I'm Janssen's old roommate.

Janssen said...

I second Chloe's vote for Sitemeter (it is better for your self esteem :).

And I will let my children sleep under the Christmas tree the week before Christmas. And all will rejoice.

(Also, Chloe - ALL presents should be wrapped, as you say, but pillowcases should not be used for trick-or-treating; I'm sorry).

Rebecca said...

Yes, I too read your blog whenever there is a new post (thank you google reader)!

Traditions...lets see, on their birthdays, my kids will get to pick what they want to eat for dinner.

sarah said...

Go Sitemeter!!!

Traditions...well, now I'm singing Fiddler on the Roof...thanks. The papas, the papas!! Tradition!!!

But, I like a lot of my family's traditions and like you said, most of them are around Christmas. But I like our Christmas Eve dinner tradition...and watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. Good times.

Stacy said...

Okay....I am drawing a blank right now on the traitions thing. Just can't seem to get in the mood right now.
BUT...I just had to tell you I could have totally written the your post about the whole blogging & lurking thing. I am so glad I am not the only one who feels that way :) and as far as how I found your blog it ws one of those 38-degrees of separation things, kwim?

Jennifer Lee said...

Sherry, Stacy, welcome. Friends, you totally keep me going. And because I am such a poor emailer, I suppose I have to keep this up in order for you to stay connected with my life. Because I know you want to, as your life would be dull without me.

heidikins said...


Thanks for delurking, am adding you to my google reader. :o)

My family is big on gingerbread at Christmas. And not graham-cracker-houses-held-together-with-hot-glue... no, no. We make 2 foot tall architecturally sound replicas of famous buildings around the world (St. Basil's cathedral, for example). All plans must be complete by Halloween... so be prepared for the Big Announcement, coming soon to a computer screen near you!

I'm off to read more!