Friday, September 14, 2007

better than never

Many events have kept us busy this past six weeks, with most of them involving eating dinner, watching tv, and going to bed. Yeah. We’re bundles of fun. Being in the Sunflower State has put a serious kink in our social life. Things aren’t helped by the fact that I work all day (and I fiddle when I can) and have a 45 minute commute. I get home just in time to kiss Somebody goodbye (Sometimes. Sometimes he leaves before I get home) on his way out the door to his evening classes. Bummer, right? We have opposite schedules, we live with my parents, we don’t know how to make friends, and, yet, somehow, we have very little to complain about.

Late Story #1
I got a henna tattoo. While I remain opposed to the kind of tattoos that are permanent, I have always been curious about the henna tattoo. Not only are the designs so intricate and beautiful, but the fact that it is temporary made it very appealing. Still, I couldn’t get past the price, and I’m way too lazy to actually seek out someone who could do them. When henna tattoos were offered for free at my mom’s work party, I figured it was worth standing in line for 20 minutes. Once I decided to stand in line, the big debate began. Should I really do it? What design should I get? Where should I get it? Considering that I was at a college campus, and fully clothed, my “where to get it” options were pretty much limited to my hands and arms. But what design? And how big? Oh, the drama. Poor Somebody probably wanted to smack me before we got to the front of the line. And then, surprisingly, the women didn’t even ask what I wanted. I held my hand out and she just started painting. Surprise!
I liked having this for about 24 hours. After that, it was just annoying to see every time I moved my hand. Also, it smelled like mystic tan. And I kept thinking my hand was dirty, when it was really my soul that was dirty. Ha ha. Just kidding. I’m glad I did it so that now I can stop wondering what it would be like, but I don’t need to do it again.

Late Story #2
We spent Labor Day weekend up in Iowa at my sister’s house. She is a good mom, and a good wife, and a good cook, so there was no way that we weren’t going to have a good time. But then Somebody got sick and spent every minute there dieing on the couch. And then my back started hurting, which made being alive really painful. It was sad to have to leave early, but we did, and that ended up being a good choice because the day we returned I had back pain like I haven’t had since that one time when the ambulance guys couldn’t put in an IV. I was at home for a full week, and while pony-tails and pajamas are super fun, I am happy to be up and walking and able to leave the house. But while we were there I think I finally became friend’s with my sister’s children. And this cute little one? She thinks that Somebody and I are both “DEN!” When my sister told her to give this cup to “DEN!” She walked right to Somebody. And when asked, she calls us the same thing. Okay there is a slight difference. I’m “DEN!” and he is “den?” Good times.

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