Saturday, September 30, 2006

gentlemen prefer blondes

I've always been blonde. And while that's been fun, deep down I've always wanted to go darker. I thought I would do it this summer, but then I got engaged and instead of going darker, actually when lighter and longer than normal. The time has come, though. I want to be that cliche about girls who cut their hair right after they get married. Today seemed like as good a time as any, especially since Somebody was in Salt Lake all day.

In May, it's normal length and color.

In August, all blonde and gussied up for the wedding.

In September, longer than usual. And still very blonde.

And here it is post cut/color today.

I KNOW it's not all that brown, but if you were sitting where I'm sitting, which is here in my living room with only the light from the lamp, you would agree that it's shockingly different. Different enough that only a bag of kettle corn and a fruit smoothie are going to help me feel okay about the change.

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Janssen Gates said...

I like it! I don't know if you ever saw me with my hair red, but it seems like you did, that one time that the people from Sports and Dance camps that we like came to your house. Anyway, I think it looks awesome. Thanks for the birthday wishes, by the way.